VISA Interview Preparation

  • by student
  • Course level: Intermediate


 Prepare for common questions in the visa interview

Your questioner needs to know three things about you: (1) that you are an authentic understudy; (2) that you have the assets to pay for your investigations; and (3) that you intend to get back in the wake of finishing your certification.

Here are a couple of test questions that questioners might inquire:

• Why do you pick this college?

• what number various colleges did you apply to?

• How will you pay for your schooling in the United States?

• Do you have any family members that live in the United States?

• Do you intend to work while in the United States?

• What do you intend to do after graduation?

Your questioner has to realize that you plan to leave the United States after your examinations. In the event that they trust you expect to remain in the United States after your examinations are finished, your visa might be dismissed. Before your visa talk with begins, ensure you have a reasonable arrangement for what you will do after graduation.